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    100% Financing

    Being a Veteran and having the VA backed mortgage, lenders often are able to provide Veterans with a loan that does not require any down payment. Some other loans require up to 20% down to have the same terms.

    No Private Mortgage Insurance

    Lenders often will require non-VA loans with less than 20% equity to buy private mortgage insurance because there not backed by the VA. Due to your military service, and the VA backing your loan. The lenders will not require you to obtain private mortgage insurance. This can help save lots of money and lower your monthly payments.

    VA Appraisal: Safe, sound and sanitary

    VA will not only ensure the purchase price is correct with the opinion of value, they will typically ensure the home meet safety requirements set forth to ensure you and your family a safe habitable home to retain long terms.

    Can you request Seller to pay closing costs?

    During the negotiation process, when submitting an offer. We can often request the seller to pay a portion or all of your closing costs. This will be determined based off market conditions and if the home has multiple offers or the sellers need to sell. Our team will push to have your closing costs covered if that is your goal, on the other hand it will also depend on the property chosen.

    Competitive Interest rates

    You are backed by the VA, so Lenders are more likely to provide you with more completive rates, because they find VA loans less risky. When lenders provide terms on interest, it always comes down to risk management. This is based off Debt-to-income ratios and credit and loan type. If you would like more information, please contact your lender.

    No prepayment penalties

    Making extra payments on your VA loan will not come with a penalty. Many mortgages will not allow the borrower to make extra payments, and shave years off their mortgage and save on interest. VA loans are different, you can make as many payments as you would like without taking a penalty.

    Assumable mortgage
    Commonly used in a buyers’ market, or when interest rates are incredibly higher. Another Veteran or you could assume a mortgage with the terms that we’re provided when the home was purchased. Ask our team about more of these details.

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