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    Moving Countdown

    If you have come this far, then this means that it is almost time for a congratulations! Check out our Moving Checklist below or click on the download button for a printable copy.

    Moving Countdown: 8 Weeks Before You Move:

    Get estimates from moving companies and/or truck rentals
    Draw up a floor plan of your new home to help decide which furniture will stay and which will go.
    Use up things that can’t be easily moved (frozen food, cleaning supplies, etc.)
    If moving to a new city, contact the Chamber of Commerce for information on your new town.

    6 Weeks Before You Move:

    Discuss costs, insurance, packing, loading, delivery and claims procedure with your mover.
    Inventory all of your possessions now.
    Determine what can be sold or donated for a charitable tax deduction.
    If moving to a new city, get copies of your records from doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, vets.
    if changing school districts, make arrangements to transfer your child’s school records.

    4 Weeks Before You Move:

    If necessary, arrange for temporary storage of your belongings
    Clean or repair any furniture, curtains, or carpets that need it.
    Hold a garage sale. Use the extra cash to splurge a little on your new place.

    3 Weeks Before You Move:

    Start collecting packing materials (furniture pads, hand truck, tape, bubble wrap, markers, boxes).
    Start packing little used items (holiday or seasonal items). Don’t pack too much weight in boxes.
    Make travel and hotel reservations if necessary.
    Make sure your mortgage company has all the required documents they need before they are packed. 2 Weeks Before You Move:
    Contact Utilities, Banks and other companies you do business with to notify of your move.
    Make special arrangements for moving or boarding your pets.
    Have your car serviced if driving any distance during your move

    1 Week Before You Move:

    Arrange for child care during the move.
    Return library books, video tapes, and borrowed items.
    Contact Utilities at new home and arrange for hookup.

    2 or 3 Days Before You Move:

    Arrange for cash / checks to pay the movers and other expenses on delivery day.
    Defrost your refrigerator & freezer.
    Set aside valuables and important legal documents to go with you instead of your movers.
    Prepare a “SURVIVAL KIT” of items you will need immediately (see back page for ideas). Moving Day (Old House) Moving Day (New House)
    Inspect House thoroughly for items left behind
    Check off Boxes as they are unloaded
    Make sure water and appliances are turned off
    Install New Locks
    Lock all doors and windows
    Make sure utilities are hooked up

    Checklist of Companies to Notify:

    ✓ Banks (loans), Credit Cards Companies, Stores where charge accounts exist.
    ✓ Banks (checking/savings) and Investment Accounts
    ✓ If changing Banks, remember to cancel direct deposit and automatic withdrawals.
    ✓ Utility Companies (Gas, Water, Electric, Trash, Sewer).
    ✓ Local Service Companies (Telephone, Internet)
    ✓ TV, Radio, and Cable Companies
    ✓ Magazines & Newspaper subscriptions
    ✓ Local Suppliers (cleaners, gardeners, lawn service, water, grocery)
    ✓ Automatic Servicing Plans (Heater, AC, lawn care)
    ✓ Health, Auto, Life and Hazard Insurance Companies
    ✓ Doctor, Dentist, and Health Care providers
    ✓ Schools, if transferring children
    ✓ Employers (include former employers if you are expecting W2s in the mail).
    ✓ Volunteer Organizations, Health Clubs, Clubs, Activities you are involved with.
    ✓ Licensing Agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles
    ✓ Area Police if the house will be vacant
    ✓ Home Protection Alarm and Security Companies
    ✓ Friends and Family
    ✓ Post Office for mail forwarding
    ✓ Prescriptions should be transferred to a pharmacy in your new location.

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